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NOT NOT - unmistakable message.

Not Not - the message of this song is unmistakable. The combination of fritz der mac & yung salty has always been a good choice to get a banger out there (we shouldn't forget the Mix & Mastering - praise Fvcking D!). The close cooperation with konsu brought us an outstanding cover and Visualizer.

Not Not 796 Spotify

Other projects

Display - Fritz der Mac

Display is the first solo track by fritz der mac. Or lets say the first official. This song is perfect for lonely nights and recreates a gloomy mood. We are still puzzling if fvcking dennis took influence on this one. The chances stay high.

Display Fritz der Mac     Display Fritz der Mac Soundcloud

Schwierig - La Floy

Schwierig is another big achievment for our team. The signing of La Floy has turned out to be a huge win. Not only does his unique voice bring an additional style to our ranks, he also matches perfectly the vibe of our crew. His first single? Amazing!

   Not Not 796 Spotify

Fergie Time - Yung Salty

Fergie Time - solo performance by yung salty.

Time was running so we gave konsu & yung salty one night and a huge house to film two different videos. Coincidentally this is the time when our artists are most active. Lucky us.

Fergie Time 796 Spotify